Product warranty
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Idealphotonics Product Warranty
Idealphotonics provides a 1 to 3 year warranty on its products, depending on the product type you choose from our online store. These products feature the longest warranty offered in the industry. We can offer such a warranty due to the confidence that we have on our products. Every product is fully tested and qualified to ensure idealphotonics use straight out of the box. Though the product comes with a warranty, the shelf life of every product is meant to far exceed that period, allowing years of continuous, uninterrupted use.Especially Our FOG products,we produce them with Aerospace grade and Military grade. When you order any idealphotonics laser products, you will receive Certificate of Conformance, Warranty Certificate and a complete test report.If you want to get further information about the idealphotonics warranty service, please feel free to contact us.

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