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Idealphotonics Product Shipping
Idealphotonics has three offices worldwide located in shanghai(China),City of Vancouver (Canada) ,Hongkong.We ship to customers worldwide through the store center of Idealphotonics in shanghai.We only ship our goods to physical addresses. We do not recognise Post Office boxes or other similar addresses we deem to be untraceable.The customer is responsible for all possible customs duties associated with the purchase.The delivery time to any country serviced by idealphotonic is an estimate only. Idealphotonics shall not be liable for any delay as a result of late delivery.
Idealphotonics Shipping cost
A.UPS/DHL/FEDEX is preferred for lightweight order, If your company also has yourself account.It is also available for you to use your express account.
B.For larger order delivery, we will arrange the cargo air delivery which can save the cost. 
C.After any order delivery, our staff will email you tracking NO. and invoice and packing list for your import custom clearly.

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