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FTTH solutions 

1st.Solutions for EDFA

Idealphotonics has more than 10 years experinence in EDFA manfacturing and supplying in optical components.We can provode you tap coupler,isolator,WDM together with EDF and photodiode detector.Click laser components to know more details of these passive components.Also the pump laser diode(980nm etc) is available,you can any package ,any work theory laser diode through diode laser category in idealphotonics. 
2nd.Solutions for FTTXPON

As a solution provider, Idealphotonics designs and offers a full solution set to you, including target equipments, both active and passive components and subsystems, with hardware and software supports, etc. PON-based access network follows the trend of delivery of triple-play services to end subscribers, aggregating three types of services over a single delivery platform. This in turns is the next step in the evolution of the core networks to IP-based NGN. In order to build the new generation of optical access networks, this solution draws on the technologies of different maturity extents such as EPON, GPON, Ethernet and xDSL, ranging from local exchange devices of various capacities to serialized user-side devices.
Products as below you can choose from Idealphotonics inc.
All kinds of Fiber ampilfier(Click optical device to know more details)
EDFA(Pre-amplifier,booster EDFA,line EDFA) Benchtop,module
High power EYDFA benchtop,module
Single-chanel/DWDM EDFA(optional:variable gain,gain flatness)
Raman EDFA(Hybrid Raman/Er-doped,with disperation compensation)
PM fiber amplifier(1um fiber amplifier,high power fiber amplifier )
Disperation compensation module
If Compensated optical fiber length<120Km,normally we adopt disperation compensation 
DCfiber to compensate for the disperation.If you need a long distance more
than 200km,usually we will adopte the FBG  compensation technology.In this way,you can get much smaller insertion loss than using DC fiber.Please know more information from optical device.
Idealphotonics' Tunable Lightwave Transmitter is a high performance digital lightwave
transmitter designed for optical communications up to 12.5 Gb/s. It integrates a tunable C-band 20mW laser, a 15GHz Lithium Niobate (LN) external modulator, and an ultra-broadband RF driver. 1550nm External Modulated Optical Transmitter and Direct Modulated Optical Transmitter are all available in Idealphotonics.Find more via optical device.

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